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Jimmy Buffet Live at the Drive-In!


Ages 21 and over only
Tickets only $18.00 (minimum 2 tickets purchased per vehicle)

Concert starts at (approx.) 8:45PM
Gates open at 6:00PM

Tickets on sale at

Legendary rock musician Jimmy Buffett will perform live at the Coyote Drive-In in Texas.  The full length concert will be livecast via satellite transmission exclusively to dozens of select drive-in theatre sites across the United States, including the Midway Drive-In located in Dixon, IL!  With popular hit songs such as ‘Margaritaville,’ ‘Cheeseburger In Paradise,’ and ‘Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes,’ singer Jimmy Buffett has amassed legions of dedicated fans worldwide, commonly referred to as “Parrotheads.” His musical style, described as “gulf and western,” reflects a combination of Caribbean themed rock with country and western along with folk music influences.

Technological advancements in digital projection and satellite delivery allow us at the Midway Drive-In to present a live concert performance in high definition with ultra bright light output on our huge 90 foot wide screen.   State of the art digital stereo sound is delivered to each vehicle using high fidelity FM broadcast.

Please scroll down for additional information and rules and policies for Midway Drive-In presents -  Jimmy Buffett Live at the Drive-In!

Fins Up!

Midway Drive-In Policies for the Jimmy Buffett “Live at the Drive-In” concert on Thursday June 19, 2014

For this Jimmy Buffett concert event, ages 21 & over only.  Please bring ID and proof of age to be admitted to the concert.Dixon Petunia Festival will be the official vendor for alcoholic beverages at the concert.

No outside food and drinks will be permitted.  Discard all outside food and drinks, and food and drink containers before entering the Midway.

The Midway concession stand will be selling a wide variety of delicious food and snacks. Alcoholic beverages will be available for  purchase.

Dixon Petunia Festival will be the official vendor for the selling of alcoholic beverages to guests 21 & over.  Everyone please have ID and proof of age.

Two ticket minimum per Vehicle - Vehicles with only one paid admission will NOT be permitted to enter the Midway lot for the Jimmy Buffett concert.

There is a two ticket minimum for every vehicle entering the Midway for the Jimmy Buffett concert.  Every vehicle must have a minimum of two or more paid admission tickets.

Vehicles with only one paid admission will NOT be allowed to occupy space in the Midway lot for the concert..  We cannot turn away fellow “Parrottheads” from the concert due to the Midway lot being filled with vehicles with single occupants.

Please “carpool” with your fellow Jimmy Buffett fans so we may fit as many Parrotheads into this concert as possible.

If you are joining others here at the Midway for the concert, please "hook up" with them outside the Midway and use one vehicle.

“Walk-ins” for the concert are permitted.  Just bring your ticket and a lawn chair or blanket.

The grassy area in front of the screen is designated for lawn chairs and blankets.

Two vehicles must park between each set of parking posts.

You must park close enough to each parking post so there is space for another vehicle to park next to you between the parking posts.

The parking posts are designed to fit two vehicles between them

Do not occupy two parking spaces with a single vehicle between the parking posts.

You may bring lawn chairs or blankets to set up in front of your vehicle

If you raise your hatchback, do not permit it to raise higher than the roof of your vehicle. This will obstruct the view of concert goers behind you.

Please tie off your hatchback so it is the same height as the roof of your vehicle.

You are allowed to bring a radio or “boom box” to tune to the concert on our FM dial.

During the concert, radios may ONLY be tuned to the Midway FM transmitter station, 91.3 FM.

Entry for the Jimmy Buffett concert is permitted ONLY from the box-office.

No cash refunds.  
The exit is to the right of the screen. If you leave the Midway for any reason, you must repay to re-enter.

Keep your ticket stub with you at all times. Do not throw them away.

The Speed limit is 5 MPH.

If you have any issues or concerns during the evening, please see us in the Concession Building, inform a security person, or use your cell phone to call us. Do not approach the Box-Office on foot.

Please insure that your car lights (interior and exterior) are off.

The first three rows are for cars only. SUV’s, Trucks and Vans may park in rows four and back.

Parking is between the posts facing the screen. If you wish to reverse park facing the screen and watch the concert from your rear hatch back, do not raise your lift back or door higher than the vehicle clearance. Do not park your vehicle sideways.
Anyone who attempts to enter the Midway without paying will be arrested. If you see anyone entering the theatre without paying, please inform us. If we apprehend them, you will receive a free pass to the Midway.

Shirts and Shoes must be worn at all times.

Do not EVER sound your horn. Do not EVER flash your lights or point a light of any type at the screen.

No laser pointers permitted.  If you see anyone pointing any laser pointer at the Midway screen, point ehem out to us. They will be asked to leave without a refund, and you will receive a free pass to the Midway.

Do not leave your vehicle engine running. CARBON MONOXIDE IS POISON!

You may not cook or grill food on the premises.

No Dogs.

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